Final Active Line of ASW – Infants show off the Safe Cross Code dance!

After a long Active School Week full of new games and activities, it was time for another whole-school active line! We will continue to hold active lines, led by the ASF committee pupils, each day after small break as it is part of our routine now and a student favourite! Today was extra special because it was the end of ASW as well as the end of term. To mark the occasion, the Junior and Senior Infants showed us the Safe Cross Code dance they learned!


ASW – Infants love tennis!

ASW – Friday – 3rd/4th get active!

ASF committee continues to lead Active Lines!

ASF Committee lead the way with Active Lines!

Our ASF Committee leads our Active Lines each day immediately after small break for all classes just before we go back to class. Today, they led us in a jogging-on-the-spot exercise and some high knees!

Belated Tag Rugby Tuesday activities for 5th and 6th class

5th and 6th class spent some time today practising our passing and receiving skills with a rugby ball by playing a simple, fun game called Claps!

ASF Committee conduct a clubs survey

Members of the ASF Committee went class to class today to find out what type of physical activities and sports the boys and girls of Edmondstown NS like to do outside school hours. They also asked the names of the clubs they are members of. The Committee members are currently reviewing their findings and they will post a graph on this blog and on the school’s ASF noticeboard shortly!