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Games in 1st and 2nd class – Horses and Jockeys!

On Friday, March 31st, 1st and 2nd class enjoyed playing one of their favourite PE games in the sunshine – ‘Horses and Jockeys’! Four jockeys, wearing bibs, must catch the loose horses one by one and return their to the stables. The horses can earn their freedom once again by completing one of several aerobic exercises, like tuck jumps and jumping jacks!


Orienteering with 1st and 2nd class!

On Wednesday, March 29th, 1st and 2nd class enjoyed a fun orienteering activity around the grounds of the school for their PE lesson! Working in groups of three, the pupils had to follow a photographic clue to a location in the schoolyard and draw the shape they found on a signpost there. Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to explore the whole yard and revise their learning in 2D shapes from Maths at the same time!

Games in the Infants class!


Mrs. Cleary’s Infant class loves learning new games as part of PE! They are all very much looking forward to Active School Week which takes place from April 3rd – 7th!

1st and 2nd class PE – dance

Today, due to bad weather, 1st and 2nd class had an indoor PE lesson. After a round of stretches and exercises we played Simon Says. Next, we did a series of fun dances from the site Go Noodle!

Our favourites were Pop See Ko, The Chicken Dance and The Maxarena!

PE in Junior and Senior Infants

Mrs. Cleary’s class has been working very hard in the Irish dancing lessons and in GAA. Here are a few photos of their fun activities!

Know your sugar!


5th and 6th class have been discussing healthy living as part of our participation in Food Dudes and the Active School Flag scheme. Today, pupils learned how to read nutritional information on food labels to understand how much sugar is in food and drinks found in our homes. Aoife in 6th class noted both the sugar per 100g as well as the sugar per portion size for each food and drink.


Food Dudes


In Term 1, pupils across the school participated in the Food Dudes scheme. Fresh fruit and vegetables were delivered to the school daily for a period of several weeks and pupils watched the exciting exploits of the Food Dudes team as they sought to defeat General Junk and his minions once and for all! In the videos, the Food Dudes (along with some well-known celebrities) explained just how important fruit and vegetables are to our bodies no matter what age we are.

Pupils were incentivised to continue eating fruit and vegetables after the programme through a programme of certificates and a wall chart in each classroom which tracked their progress.

Well done to all our pupils and their teachers for the support they gave along the way. We hope our pupils will continue to try new fruit and vegetables in the future!